Oct 19, 2017

Father Comes Home From the Wars

Intrepid Theatre Company and the Museum of Man are partnering to present an Education Outreach Program about race, American history and identity using the power of the arts to create curriculum that is engaging, accessible and relevant. All programs include ... read more

Oct 19, 2017

Pet Therapy

Rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats may be small, but these therapy animals can changes lives. See and pet small therapy animals who visit people who, for a variety of reasons, aren’t able to experience the joys of pet ownership in ... read more

Oct 20, 2017

Wild Life!

When the sun sets at the Museum of Man, it’s time to let your inner party animal roam free at this animal-themed masquerade experience inspired by our Living with Animals exhibit! At this after-hours event, you’ll don an animal mask ... read more