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BEERology, an exhibit on beer at the San Diego Museum of Man

Open Now Through May 2016

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A big wall of words for "beer" in different langauges.

Modern civilization is beer civilization! Agriculture, cities, writing, and religion all have ties to ancient craft brewing.

Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, and others each perfected the brewing arts in interesting, and even strange, ways. Beer-loving headhunters from the Amazon, for example, did the amazing trick of chewing poisonous cassava root so it could become a drinkable beer.

Learn fascinating stories and see phenomenal artifacts that reveal the links between beer and culture, such as the solid gold beer cup of an Inca king.

Upcoming beer tastings:

May 14, 2015: Flavors in Harmony: Pairing Beer & Food. Enjoy specially paired craft beers and food samples, and discover how certain beer and food flavors complement each other so well. Get tickets now!

June 18, 2015: Hopfest. Sample the bold hop flavors of beer with a variety of IPAs and other hoppy beer styles.


Here's a peek at just a little of the exhibit's content: 



To co-sponsor this remarkable exhibit, contact Hope Carlson, Chief Development Officer, at, (619) 239-2001, extension 16.

If you'd like to hold an event in conjunction with our beer exhibit, contact Teri Saffon, Special Events Manager, at, (619) 239-2001, extension 31.

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