Group Guidelines

We look forward to your visit to the San Diego Museum of Man. The San Diego Museum of Man offers endless educational opportunities with captivating, hands-on experiences. The following information will help you and your students capitalize on those experiences.

Please remember that chaperones play a vital role during your visit; it is highly recommended that you review all student behavior guidelines, itineraries, and learning objectives with them prior to the visit.

We ask that you be mindful of the following guidelines regarding Museum etiquette as the Museum contains priceless artifacts and educational resources that need to be protected for the continued enjoyment of all visitors. Click here for printable versions of the tour agreement and chaperone guide.

  • Backpacks are not allowed in the Museum. Teachers, please have your students leave their backpacks at school or on the bus. School groups who show up with backpacks will be asked to return them to their buses.
  • School Lunches are preferred to be left on the buses/in cars, however, they can be left in a designated area in the Museum if they are contained within a small number of large bins or boxes. Please check with Museum Security or Admissions staff for instructions on where to properly store lunches
  • Food and Drink are not allowed in the Museum. For the protection of our visitors and collections please enjoy your food and drink in designated areas throughout the park.
  • Behavior: It is the responsibility of teachers and chaperones to be aware of other groups enjoying the Museum. A self-guided group may be asked to leave the gallery if disruptive to other guests or groups.
  • Chaperones are your student’s guides while in the Museum. Please discuss appropriate attentive behavior with your chaperones to ensure your students get the most of their experience. A chaperone on a cell phone is not a role model of responsibility.

Student Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do stay with your chaperone at all times.
  • Do use quiet indoor voices. No yelling or shouting.
  • Do walk quietly. Don’t run anywhere in the Museum.
  • Don’t jump or stomp when using the stairs.
  • Don’t lean against walls, cases, or exhibit text.
  • Do bring a clipboard to write on. Don’t write on walls, cases, or exhibits.
  • Do be respectful of other Museum visitors.
  • Do have a great time and come back soon!


We require at least one teacher or chaperone for every seven students through Grade 12.

The teacher and required
chaperones are given free admission to the Museum – with that, we expect active
participation by teachers and chaperones in supervising students. The Museum reserves the right to ask any group to leave the Museum if they do not have adequate supervision.

  • Teachers and chaperones must remain with the group at all times.
  • Chaperones must actively monitor students’ behavior in the galleries and restroom areas.
  • We strongly suggest that chaperones do not bring along other children or babies
 in strollers as we expect chaperones to be engaged in the supervision of the group.

Teacher Pre-view

Teachers are always welcome to preview the museum at any time for FREE! We honor your commitment to educating future generations and welcome teachers to preview the museum before your class visit. Simply present your employee ID to our admissions desk and you’re in!

Teacher Resources

Be sure to visit our Teacher Resources page for scavenger hunts, lesson plans, and other information designed to help you and your students have a great time at the Museum of Man.