This brand-new exhibit opens March 11, 2017!


Over 15,000 years ago humans began sharing their meals with wolves, forging the first friendship between humans and animals–but where did we go from there?

Since then, we’ve formed all kinds of relationships with all kinds of animals, and we encounter them everywhere in our daily lives: they cuddle up with us on the couch, crawl silently through our walls, sit on our dinner plates, and more.

But whether we see an animal as a pet, a pest, or food has changed over time and across cultures, making our relationships with them dynamic and complex to say the least.

Take a journey with us and discover all the surprising, unique, and inspiring ways that we live with animals. You’ll find we’re not human without them!

Here’s some of what you’ll experience in this interactive and immersive exhibit:

  • From the ancient outdoors to our modern living rooms, discover how wild animals became our pets
  • Travel the world with roaches, pigeons, and rats to learn how humans created pests
  • Eat virtual meals in our diner from five different countries over the last 100 years
  • And lots more!

This brand-new exhibit opens March 11, 2017!

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