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Empowering Women Folk Art Market

Event Location: 
San Diego Museum of Man

The market was held Saturday, July 19, and Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bring a friend and shop at this two-day artisan market! You'll find a world of beautiful goods for sale – jewelry, paintings, silk scarves, purses, woven baskets, and more. Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet amazing artists from across the globe, and to learn the incredible stories behind the Empowering Women exhibit.

The women-run cooperatives joining us for this artisan market are:

BOLIVIA Cheque Oitedie Cooperative*
Woven bags, skirts, flat panels, belts, bracelets and “honey pots” of the Ayoreo

ECUADOR La Mega Cooperativa Artesanal de Los Saraguros
Woven glass seed bead jewelry of the Saraguro

INDIA Self-Help Enterprise
Kantha embroidered clothing and accessories, household goods, bedroom decor

Felt-with-silk scarves and rugs

LAOS Ock Pop Tok*
Tai-Kadai style silk and cotton weavings

MEXICO El Principe de Monte Albán
Traditional Oaxacan jewelry

NAMIBIA Omba Arts Trust
Kavango region baskets, Khoe San/Bushmen baskets, Ju/’Oansi Bushmen beaded pictures and bags, !Kung and Ju/’Oansi Bushmen linotype prints, Kavango and Kunene region jewelry, San/Bushmen ostrich eggshell jewelry

PERU Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco*
Handspun, natural-dye Alpaca and wool textiles woven on backstrap looms

RWANDA Gahaya Links*
Handwoven baskets, ikangara wall hangings, jewelry

SWAZILAND Tintsaba Crafts
Swazi sisal woven baskets, jewelry

*Cooperatives featured in Empowering Women
Empowering Women has been organized by the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, NM.


The Empowering Women Folk Art Market is free with museum admission.

Empowering Women is generously sponsored by:


                        The Loughridge Family     Judy Wenker

    Walter & Elizabeth Smoyer   Constance Carroll    Abe Ordover & Eleanor Musick    Edie Munk    


Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach   Gary Welch & Rebecca Dickinson Welch