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The arts, sciences, and artifacts of humanity lead the Museum of Man (SDMoM) to our mission to inspire human connections by exploring the human experience. Your investment and faith in us is appreciated, respected, safeguarded, and converted into value for all ages.

Please direct any questions to our Finance Department, at (619) 239-2001, ext. 18. The MoM is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Federal Tax ID #95-1709290.

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Support Our Mission

Introduce yourself; let us know your interests, and let us keep you current on all things anthropological at the MoM.   Be involved. Pick a passion; find a comfortable level of participation and collaboration - you can benefit, as well!


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  Donate:To continue the rich tradition of innovative research, exhibitions, and educational outreach, your help is needed today!
Volunteer/Intern: Tailor-made schedules, behind-the-scenes adventures, docent opportunities, and school credit in a unique institution.  

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Win/Win/Win Arrangements: Significant flexibility for donors is available in a variety of giving programs. Professional advisors will offer options and complete explanations at your request.