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Our mission at the San Diego Museum of Man is to inspire human connections by exploring the human experience. If this sounds like your calling and you’d like to see how you can help forge these connections, consider volunteering as one of our Museum Ambassadors.

Museum Ambassadors are warm and welcoming volunteers who serve as the face of the museum to our visiting public.

Tasks include the following:

  • Greet visitors and answer wayfinding questions
  • Encourage guests to attend ongoing programs in the galleries
  • Provide general information about the museum
  • Describe Membership benefits to guests who are eager for more time at the museum

Above all, our Ambassadors are there to make our visitors feel at home and comfortable during their time in the museum. Shifts will be approximately three hours and will typically occur on weekends and busy summer days.

To apply, please fill out the following form:

For any questions or to follow up, please email