1952.020.0004This beautiful and intricate silk shawl is hand-embroidered in satin stitch with knotted fringe. Visiting scholars to the Museum have identified the piece as a “Mantón de Manila,” a large shawl frequently used by Spanish women and Flamenco dancers. The mantón is originally from China and came to Spain via Manila—hence the name. The original shawls had dragons and pagodas; however, Spanish tastes called for flowers and birds.

This piece is believed to have been made in the Philippines by a woman of Chinese and Filipino ancestry. It is heavily influenced by Chinese work—the shape of the flowers and birds and the color gradation are Chinese. The production itself, however, is not as intricate and delicate as embroidery from China during the 19th century.

Filipino/Chinese; 19th Century
Gift of Mrs. June Barrelle