Lectures are scheduled to be held inside the Irving J. Gill Auditorium at the SDMoM’s
administrative building (located just west of the main museum building) at 11:00 a.m.

Lecture cost: Price of museum admission; free to SDMoM members.



Seth Mallios, PhD Professor & Chair of Anthropology Department, San Diego State University

Gradual changes in the American way of death from Victorian to Modern times underwent punctuated shifts in mortuary attitudes, commemoration practices, and funerary materials following moments of extreme social and economic duress.  Transformations in gravestone form, style, and iconography paralleled literary shifts in the expressions of grief and loss, which corresponded with alterations in the ritual process of commemoration.  Using ongoing research from the San Diego Gravestone Project, this lecture endeavors to show how cultural symbols inherent to the ritual process of death, dying, and mourning were historically, socio-politically, and economically contingent.