1997.032.0001.crop_This beautiful painting was made in Ecuador by Quichua artist Juan Umajina, from the community of Tigua, located in the Andes Mountains. The Tigua area is well known for this type of painting; however, it is a recent artwork from a more ancient origin. For centuries Tigua artists painted beautiful designs on drums and masks for festivals. It was not until the 1970s that they began using oil and acrylic paints with chicken feather brushes to paint on the flat surface of a sheepskin stretched over a wood frame. The paintings are now known throughout Ecuador.

The paintings commonly depict communal scenes of life within the villages of the Andes. This canvas by Umajina shows a beautiful highland landscape with a traditional curing ritual taking place beside a waterfall.

Quichua; 1997
Tigua, Ecuador
Museum of Man Collections