Seth Mallios, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, SDSU Department of Anthropology, Historical Archaeologist

Matt Lauer, Ph.D. Associate Professor, SDSU Department of Anthropology, Cultural Anthropologist

Erin Riley, Ph.D. Associate Professor, SDSU Department of Anthropology, Biological Anthropologist

Drawing on insight from active research projects locally and around the world, Drs. Mallios, Lauer, and Riley will discuss how photography and fieldwork aid, transform, and legitimize the study of the human condition. These professors represent different sub-disciplines of anthropology—archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology—but they each are deeply dependent on the fieldwork process and employ similar methods of collecting and documenting insight from the field, whether it be about local history, Solomon Islands indigenous fishing strategies, or Indonesian macaques. Real-time documentation of primary anthropological discovery emphasizes the authenticity of the find and indirectly upholds the importance of the endeavor, ultimately solidifying the particular anthropological narrative.

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