If you’ve been within sight of Balboa Park in the last six months, you’ve probably seen the scaffolding enveloping the iconic California dome, home to the Museum of Man. The building is being repaired and restored to original condition, and improved where possible, just in time for the 2015 Centennial celebration.

The scaffolding on the outside of the building is a fitting parallel for the less obvious construction going on inside, under the roof, where new ideas and initiatives are being explored and employed.

You may have heard a little about our new strategic plan, which we spent a year outlining, ensuring that we developed a quality product that included goals we could achieve and standards we could proudly hold ourselves to. But what does that really mean?

Our new plan functions as a clear and concise guidebook for daily operations and procedures. The new mission, vision, and values were laid out with the intent of improving and reinventing the identity of the Museum, underscoring the commitment we have to fostering new relationships and being a contributing force in both the local and national communities. We are dedicated to being a hub of cross-cultural dialogue, an inclusive museum where people can come to share their own perspectives and explore others.

In practice, this means more dynamic and relevant exhibits, events, and educational programming. Additionally, it means that we can utilize our blog and social media outlets to inspire and generate meaningful discourse and connections, providing a safe place where we can learn about ourselves and each other and our places in the world.

Having reinvented ourselves, we look to the upcoming 2015 Centennial and beyond with open eyes, hearts, and minds, optimistic about what the future holds.

Shannon Fogg, Marketing Associate