Bring anthropology to your classroom with the SDMoM Loan Library! SDMoM Loan Library is an educational collection of exhibit artifact view cases, resource kits, and artifact kits available for loan for you and your students. Choose which items you would like to check out from the Loan Library by looking at the items in our list below.

  • Artifact Kits: Kits include artifacts and pictures about different cultures. Some kits also include books and mini-lessons on their topics.
  • Resource Kits: Kits include, artifacts, pictures, and books. Kits also include full curricula on their topics specifically designed to be taught with the items included in the kits.

Items Available for Loan




Egypt   $50.00 (per
two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



Kumeyaay   $50.00 (per
two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



The Bone Box   $50.00 (per
two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



Footsteps Through Time   $50.00
(per two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



The Inuit   $50.00 (per
two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



Peoples of the Northwest
$50.00 (per two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



Peoples of the Southwest
$50.00 (per two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit



Freeze! Explore the Ice Age
$50.00 (per two-week period) + $50 ref. deposit







Fossil Detective Resource Kit
$70.00 (per two-week period) + $70 ref. deposit



Primate Buffet Resource Kit
$70.00 (per two-week period) + $70 ref. deposit




Loan Policies:

1. All borrowed items shall remain in the condition in which they were lent: no alterations, repairs, or cleaning are allowed.

2. The borrowing institution or individual agrees to reimburse the full value of the objects in the event of loss or irreparable damage.

3. Any damage done to items will be assessed on a case to case basis to determine any additional charges.

4. The items borrowed shall not be photographed or technically examined without the written permission of the Museum of Man.

5. The borrower agrees to return the item in the time allotted. If an item is late, a late fee of $10 will be charged for every business day the item is late.

6. Payment shall be made by check or credit card.

  • If payment is made by check, separate checks are required for the check-out fee (which will be cashed) and the deposit (which will be held).
  • If payment is made by credit card, the check-out fee amount will be charged.


Kit Reservations:

Kits are only available for checkout with an appointment. Please fill out this Education Kit Reservation Request Form to request a kit and make an appointment.

Kits are checked-out and dropped off between the hours of 9 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday at the San Diego Museum of Man Administrative Building, located just West of the main Museum of Man building.