Celebrate service animals with us Saturday, May 18, as we partner with Canine Companions for Independence to bring you Tails of Service: From Playful Puppy to Devoted Service Dog. During this panel discussion, both humans and dogs will explore and demonstrate the journey from puppy to service animal. The discussion panel is presented as a complement to our disability awareness exhibit access/ABILITY, which includes a component about service animals.



Speakers will include experts who nurture, train, and give a caring nature to these animals.

  • Breeder-caretakers who care for puppies until they are eight weeks old. 
  • Puppy raisers who teach puppies basic commands they need to know before training. 
  • Trainers who teach these talented dogs the skills they need to become valued companions. 
  • Recipients of canine companions will explain the special bond they share with their four-legged friends. 

Panelists will bring service animals at different levels of training to demonstrate the abilities of these amazing animals.

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Dr. Ida Rigby & Mr. John Sturla