Museum of Man Staff

Address: 1350 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101
Main Email:
Main Telephone: (619) 239-2001
Fax: (619) 239-2749

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Chief Executive Officer Micah D. Parzen, Ph.D., J.D. ext. 14
Deputy Director Ben Garcia, MS Ed. ext. 17
Human Resources Janice Rougas, M.B.A. ext. 79
Executive Assistant Marisa Schumacher ext. 41
Receptionist Melissa Hernandez ext 10
Curatorial & Collections: email Collections Dept.
Director of Collections Kelly Hyberger, M.A. ext. 46
Registrar Kara Vetter, M.A. ext. 44
Collections Assistant Melanie Dellas, M.A. ext. 58
Collections Manager NAGPRA Lael Hoff ext. 46
Development: email Development Dept.
Chief Development Officer ext. 16
Foundation and Government Relations Officer James Haddan, M.A. ext. 11
Individual Giving Manager Joanna Nimri, M.A. ext. 21
Donor and Member Relations Specialist Sarah Booher, M.A. ext. 19
Development and Membership Assistant Lilian Meza ext. 33
Education and Public Engagement: email Education Dept. ext. 75
Director of Education and Public Engagement ext. 36
Public Engagement Manager Catherine Lee ext. 73
Education and Programs Associate Sydney Garcia ext. 82
Education and Programs Associate Faith Morris ext. 23
School and Public Programs Coordinator Elena Savignano ext. 67
Volunteer Programs & Education Associate Sharleen Eusebio, M.A. ext. 49
Lead Gallery Educator Felipe Cardenas ext. 39
Gallery Educator Jean Stein – –
Gallery Educator Shawn Hayes – –
Gallery Educator Kasey Nauton – –
Gallery Educator Renee Corpus – –
Gallery Educator Carter Enlow – –
Gallery Educator Nomsa Burkhardt – –
Gallery Educator Jesse Fernandez – –
Gallery Educator Justine Clark – –
Gallery Educator Taylor Funderburk – –
Director of Exhibits Erika Katayama, M.A. ext. 25
Exhibit Designer David Reynoso  – –
Lead Graphic Designer Sonya Calderon ext. 51
Graphic Designer Alonso Lopez ext. 24
Exhibit Fabrication Manager Kate Clyde ext. 76
Senior Exhibit Fabricator Libby Tallman, M.A. ext. 22
Exhibit Technician Karissa Leigh ext. 22
Facilities Manager Mario Guerrero ext. 28
Facilities Technician Brett Hall ext. 38
Chief Financial Officer Tabitha McMahon ext. 18
Accounting Manager Louis Gonzalez ext. 34
Accounting Assistant Beatriz Camero ext. 27
Database Administrator Bina Maheswari ext. 26
Marketing: email Marketing Dept.
Marketing and Communications Manager Shannon Fowler, M.A.  ext. 20
Marketing and Communications Associate Sarah Luken ext. 43
Director of Operations Jody Forrest ext. 74
Special Events Manager Teri Saffon, M.A. ext. 31
Lead Security Officer Samantha Darling ext. 84
Security Guard John Jones – –
Security Guard Shelby Miller – –
Security Guard James Swank – –
Security Guard Katie Hagan – –
Security Guard Emmanuel Castro – –
Security Guard Jonathan Martin – –
Security Guard Jose Gonzalez – –
Security Guard Austin Salmon – –
Security Desk Security ext 99
Visitor Relations email Visitor Experience Dept. ext. 32
Lead Visitor Relations Associate Ariel Baumbaugh ext. 37
Visitor Relations Associate Shawn Hayes – –
Visitor Relations Associate Martha Price – –
Visitor Relations Associate Marcos Negrete – –
Visitor Relations Associate Michael Cipriano – –
Visitor Relations Associate Samantha Farrell – –
Visitor Relations Associate Stephanie Balk – –
Visitor Relations Associate Jesse Uribe – –
Visitor Relations Associate Bianca Millan – –
Visitor Relations Associate Haley Rowe – –
Admissions Desk Admissions ext. 32