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VISITORS COME to the San Diego Museum of Man Store to extend their SDMoM experience, to take home a remembrance of the day, to buy a gift for a friend, or to purchase a refreshing beverage.

Many items in the Museum Store complement our exhibits. For example, visitors can find a fine collection of Mata Ortiz pottery from Mexico, a large variety of handmade Native American jewelry, ceramics, and carvings, whimsical Mexican folk art, and an extensive array of Dia de los Muertos merchandise.

Merchandise for children includes craft kits and beautifully illustrated books that tell wonderful Native People's legends. Children and parents can choose musical instruments from around the world, such as ocarinas, panpipes, and reed flutes. To complement the instruments, CDs offer a variety of music from Native American flutes to Latin guitar to Peruvian panpipes.

The Museum Store carries all of SDMoM's publications, including Rock Art Papers, Latin American Symposium Proceedings, and the Human Paleopathology Bibliography with CD-ROM.

The store is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For additional information and telephone orders, please call 619-239-2001 or fax 619-239-2749. 

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  Museum Store 


The Museum Store strives to further the Museum's educational mission by providing unique and authentic crafts and artwork to visitors. The Store adheres to the Museum Store Association Code of Ethics in its collection and business practices. All proceeds from purchases benefit the Museum of Man.