1974.006.0002A-cropped_for_webThese tent panels are made of cotton with hand sewn appliqué. Collected by Mrs. Emily Michler who traveled abroad extensively in the 1890s.

Panels, like the ones above, were made to decorate the inside of large tents known as suradeg. The panels traditionally have bright and exquisite geometric patterns. This ancient practice is passed on from father to son, and many believe that it is slowly dying. Designs are initially drawn on large pieces of brown paper and fine needles are used to prick out the outline of each pattern. The paper is then laid over colored fabric and black carbon dust is sprinkled lightly to leave a fine stencil of the pattern. Now it is ready to be cut out and hand sewn.

Egyptian; 1890s
In memory of Miss Joan R. Michler and Miss Lois Brundred