Photo by Stacy Keck

As 2016 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on some extraordinary accomplishments that we couldn’t have done without your support:

  • We welcomed over 225,000 visitors, including more than 35,000 who climbed the Tower and thousands of children who visited for for free.
  • The Wall Street Journal enthused that our Museum “makes anthropology exciting.”
  • We received a $150,000 grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services to steward our phenomenal weapons collection.
  • We sparked countless conversations about race and identity through Inter+FACE, the new addition to our Race: Are We So Different? exhibit.

None of this would be possible without all of you.  Thank you for all the ways that you support our work.

You invest in us, buy tickets, spread the word about our Museum, and talk about the important topics in our world. This season, we celebrate you.


Photo by Stacy Keck

Your continued support of the Museum is the reason that, when asked what she learned on her visit, 6th grader Roxanne said, “We can stop racism by just treating others how we want to be treated and not calling people names just because they look different.”

Help us continue to inspire human connections in 2017 by making a donation, visiting the Museum, and engaging in discourse.

Thank you for making the Museum, community, and world a better place and we look forward to another wonderful year with you!