Welcome to the new website of the San Diego Museum of Man. We’re soooo excited about it!  As you can see by the images of older versions of the website shown below, things are very different. The major changes are:

  • It looks much better on mobile devices, tablets, and other small screens.
  • We switched from an ancient version of Drupal to shiny new WordPress, which means we can do what we want easier and faster.
  • We began page restructuring, meaning pages are named and sorted a bit more logically.
  • We’ve laid the groundwork for better handling online transactions.
  • Everyone gets a pony. Here’s yours.

Over the next year, we’ll be revamping every corner of the site, including redoing every department section, redrafting or replacing all text, further restructuring the site, and tweaking the look and usability. Many thanks to Balboa Park Online Collaborative, especially project manager Aimee Reed and technical support Andrew Root, and to Frances Go of Goldlilys Media, who took the design of the Museum’s creative director, Katherine Yee, and made it real.

— Grant Barrett and Shannon Fowler of the San Diego Museum of Man marketing department.