Media Reproduction Services


Production Services for Photographs

The Museum offers 8-bit TIFF, RGB-formatted digital image files. The fee for a high-quality image suitable for publication, typically at 300 dpi, is $25.00.

Not all objects in the collection are represented in the photo archives. If reproduction quality images are not available, it may be possible to arrange for special photography by the staff photographer. Additional turnaround and fee of $75.00 will apply. 
This charge is determined, in part, by the amount of time required to produce the image.

Rights and Reproductions

Please see the Rights and Reproduction Fees page for information regarding requests for permission to publish and for reproduction/use rights policies and forms.

Production Services for Photographs and Moving Images

Scanned Image: $25.00

Set-up charge for a new image from a subject: $75.00

This charge is determined, in part, by the amount of time required to produce the image. Set-up charges are in addition to fees for photographic services and to reproduction use fees.

Additionally, tax, mailing and handling will be charged.

Production Services for Photocopies and Course Packets

Photocopying of Museum of Man publications for course packets is permissible. The current rate is $.10 per page per course packet. Please see the Rights and Reproduction Fees page for more information regarding requests to photocopy journals and publications.

Payment and Delivery

Please place orders well in advance and allow four to six weeks for each order. Museum personnel will search the media archives for all reasonable requests.

Invoice information is transmitted to the Museum’s accountant for separate invoicing. In some cases payment in advance may be required, determined on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, tax will be charged.

Orders are usually delivered via Dropbox, but hard copies can also be arranged with additional shipping and handling fees.

Orders to be shipped within the U.S. are sent via USPS. Mailing and handling fees are $10.00 per order.

Please Note: Copies of prints and transparencies are produced on special order. Because they represent costs which the Museum of Man would not otherwise undertake, they are not refundable. If images are not used, use fees only may be deducted from the invoices. Whether used or not, prints and transparencies may be kept on file for possible future use, with the understanding that separate permission and payment of use fees are required for future use.

Credit and Copyright

Credit must be given whenever a Museum photograph is reproduced. Credit should be given to the photographer, when identified. The credit must read: “Courtesy of the San Diego Museum of Man – photographed by (name), (catalogue number).”

The Museum reserves all rights to its photographic images.

Service Request Forms

Download the Photo Reproduction form.

Contact for inquiries

To get quotes and more information please contact call (619) 239-2001 x 45 or email