Fees for Rights and Reproductions

Public Access

The San Diego Museum of Man retains all reproduction rights for its photographic images, films, and sound recordings, unless they are already in the public domain. The Museum’s collections are accessible for academic research and study by qualified persons. Photographs, as pertaining to this document, include any images in the Museum’s collections and any images taken while in the Museum’s collection spaces.

PERSONAL USE: Photographs are to be taken for personal or non-profit academic use only, unless expressly stated otherwise by the photographer and approved in writing by a Museum of Man collections staff member (additional procedures then apply; see below).

  • Personal-use photos are those intended to not be used in any way related to for-profit use or publication of any kind.
  • Non-profit academic use photos are defined as those intended for use in teaching presentations and research presentation purposes, if presented in an academic setting.
    • Proper Credit: Non-profit academic use photos used for teaching and research, if presented in an academic setting, require a credit designation: Photograph provided by the San Diego Museum of Man. 

COMMERCIAL USE: Any photographs used in commercial publications or for mass reproduction, including academic publications, require written permission from the Museum and are subject to material use and licensing fees. In this instance, the request must be made on a Photo Reproduction Order Form, or by contacting the Archivist prior to using the image(s) and providing additional written information about the proposed reproduction.

Permission is granted for one-time use only. Licensing fees charged for commercial reproduction/use are in addition to material use fees for the cost of photographic production and duplication services. The reproduction rights fee must be paid for each image supplied by the Museum.

There is a potential 20% discount for approved scholarly/academic use, determined on a case-by-case basis. Material use fees are generally not required for scholarly research published in an academic journal, but licensing fees still apply.

All fees are waived for images of Native American subjects requested by Native American groups and individuals. For family members related to individuals pictured in photographs, copies are provided at no charge with the request that family members provide additional information to the Museum if available. An additional letter, detailing the use of the requested image(s), as well as proof of non-profit status, may be required.

The Museum requests that, upon publication, one copy of the publication be furnished at no charge.

Reproduction Use Fees

Commercial use as determined by Museum; fees are for one-time use; minimum fees are listed below.

Material Use Fees: B&W Color
Price per image, already scanned image $25.00 $25.00
Price per image, additional set up charge for new image $75.00 $75.00
Licensing Fees: B&W Color
Price per image, one-half page or smaller $50.00 $75.00
Price per image, larger than one-half page $75.00 $100.00
Price per image, use in all aspects of a particular product/edition (textbook with a student edition, teacher’s edition, workbook, or associated CD not sold separately) $100.00 $150.00
Price per image, advertising, CD-ROM or video projects, exhibitions, online use, use in current and future editions, and similar uses $150.00
and up
and up

Handling fees are $5 per order.

The fee for photocopying Museum of Man publications and journals for college course packets is $.10 per page for each individual packet.

Contact for inquiries

To get quotes and more information please call (619) 239-2001 ext. 45 or email culturalresources@museumofman.org