Due to the seismic retrofit of the California Tower, the Adventure Kids in Egypt gallery will be closed beginning Monday, February 4, and the Ancient Egypt gallery will be closed beginning Monday, February 11, for the duration of the project. We apologize for any inconvenience. Learn more about the California Tower seismic retrofit project here.

A children’s exhibit for the whole family!


In Adventure Kids in Egypt, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a modern archaeologist discovering the remnants of Ancient Egypt. To start your adventure, make your way upstairs, through the Ancient Egypt doors, across the walkway over the street, and into the special area that’s just for kids!


Look Back in Time


boy-exploreThrough an interactive and sensory experience, the Adventure Kids exhibit lets you learn the skills you need to feel like an intrepid archaeologist who sets out to discover and study pieces of long-lost Ancient Egyptian history.

After you’re prepared to explore the Sahara desert, you’ll make finds in our dig site and learn about the role of these artifacts in Ancient Egyptian history.


Be a Scientist


With guidance from experienced scientists in an interactive computer game, kids and adults alike will learn the right tools for thrilling future archaeological explorations.girl-explore

Your discoveries will transport you back in time where you can dress up in Ancient Egyptian garb, put together a sarcophagus, construct a pyramid from wooden blocks, barter in a marketplace, and sail on the Nile River.


Look Closely

See artifacts up close and discover the many ways science connects us to ancient history.



Tip Your Hat

Dress up in Ancient Egyptian costumes, or wear the hat of an archaeologist.



Challenge Yourself

How fast can you put the life-size sarcophagus puzzle back together? Our staff record is three minutes and 20 seconds.


Do the Dig Box

Grab a brush and uncover relics in our indoor dig box, then find out about what you’ve uncovered.


Making Mummies

Learn the step-by-step process of how Ancient Egyptians made mummies.



Bring Everyone

Whatever you do in Adventure Kids in Egypt, the whole family will have fun!

Make sure to see our Ancient Egypt gallery, too!


We are grateful to The Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation, and to the Thursday Club Juniors, who made renovation of this exhibit possible.