Meylia Pflaum has recently joined the San Diego Museum of Man as the Assistant Archivist for our CLIR photo cataloging project, Capturing History: Cataloging the San Diego Museum of Man’s Photographic Collection.  She comes to us from the University of San Diego with a BA in Anthropology.  We are very excited to have Meylia as a member of the Collections Department, as she has already proven to be a great part of our team.  In order to help you all get to know her a bit better, here are a few fun questions we asked her to answer.  

US:  We understand that you were raised here in San Diego.  What made San Diego a great place to grow up?

MEYLIA:  I like that it is a city that has it all, both in terms of the city and the landscape.  There is really easy access to both the desert and the ocean.

US:  What do you like the best at working at the San Diego Museum of Man?

MEYLIA:  I like the people that work here.

US:  Thus far, what is your favorite photo that you have seen during your work on Capturing History?

MEYLIA: The bathing beauties!

US: How did you first get interested in Anthropology?

MEYLIA:  During my freshman year at CSU San Marcos, there was a core requirement class about cultural anthropology.  We watched a video depicting anthropologists making first contact with an isolated culture.  It just hooked me.  I had never thought about those types of interactions between such different cultures before.

US:  What is the best part of the Capturing History project?

MEYLIA:  I think it is the sense of accomplishment.  I feel good when I finish cataloging a group of photos.  Plus I get to see really cool images!

US:  Ok, what is the worst part?

MEYLIA:  Working out all the kinks in the technological aspects of the project.

US:  Finally, sum yourself up in one word.

MEYLIA:  Quirky!