Museum Renaming Process

The San Diego Museum of Man is in the beginning stages of renaming the institution. Our current name served us for 70 years, and now it is time to select a new name that better reflects our values of inclusivity, equity, and love; better describes all the people we serve and the stories we want to tell; and fully embodies our mission of inspiring human connections by exploring the human experience.

As the Museum moves forward in the process of selecting a new name, it is committed to an inclusive process that engages our stakeholders, including our visitors and community members, to collect their feedback on the names it is considering.


In summer 2018, we embarked on our first round of community engagement to collect feedback on six potential new names for the Museum. We are very grateful to all of our community members and patrons who provided us with their feedback!

The results from our survey taught us a couple of things:

    • While the idea of changing our name struck a nerve with some, overall, the response was quite positive. This tells us the public is ready for a change.
    • While some of the potential names from this summer tested better than others (the top three were The Museum of Humankind, The Museum of Us, and The Human Experience), we are extending the process to (a) continue engaging with our community and stakeholders and (2) develop some additional name possibilities for testing.

Thank you for being a part of this process with us, we hope you’ll stay involved by joining our mailing list to receive updates and future surveys.

Read our press release on the name change here.