One of our most precious objects went on a trip this week. The Egyptian child sarcophagus lid, usually displayed in our Egypt gallery, was requested by the UCLA/Getty Conservation program for a graduate thesis project. The conservation student, Casey, will be working closely with her advisors to partially conserve, research, x-ray, and analyze the lid. She will return the lid to us in June with detailed information about its original production and clues as to whose sarcophagus this lid was meant to top.

Preparing the lid for travel was not easy and took months of preparation by our collections staff. After a few visits, several phone calls, dozens of pictures, and numerous emails we, along with key members from the UCLA/Getty team, created a plan for treatment and travel. Our very own Exhibits Technician, Ken Bordwell, built a custom crate and fitted it with an internal stretcher and foam supports for the fragile object. Casey, the student conservator, came down from L.A. to perform temporary triage on areas of the lid that were unstable. Following the treatment, we loaded the lid into the crate and drove it to the Getty Villa where their conservation lab is located. I am very happy to say that the sarcophagus lid arrived safely with no damage.

Over the next several months Casey will be working on the lid, so be sure to check back with us to see how things progress.

Karen Lacy, Collections Manager

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