Change starts with a conversation. Whether it’s about how race affects us in our daily lives or how examining a taboo topic can lead to greater understanding of others, we’re striving to spark conversations that matter in our exhibits, programs, tours, and daily running of the Museum.

One way we’re doing this is with our new school tours and teacher resources based on our core exhibit Race: Are We So Different? and its new expansion Inter + FACE.

This year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day community conversation.

Instead of a traditional lecture-style tour, this new tour challenges students to discuss and engage with the science, history, and lived experiences of race and racism in the United States. Trained educators delve into the exhibit’s complex and layered topics, while also encouraging students to talk about race in pre and post-tour discussions.

This school tour is so popular, it makes up 15% of all education programs, with 1,500 students participating in the tour since its debut last February.

By engaging with students and encouraging conversations, we’re taking steps towards a more inclusive, open future. Like 6th grader Roxanne said, “We can stop racism by just treating others how we want to be treated and not calling people names just because they look different.”

We hope you’ll join us for a conversation soon and help us become a space filled with compassion and love, where you feel at home talking about the experiences that unite us all as human beings.

Workshops are available for K-12 and college students, adults, nonprofits, and corporate groups and can be booked by emailing or calling (619) 239-2001. Free adult tours are available through the end of May 2018 for groups of 10 participants ages 18 or over. Register here.