Apr 28, 2017

Undersea Giants

Giant manta rays can grow up to 23 feet and are on the endangered species list. Learn how Mares Mexicanos is working with scientists and locals in Mexico to preserve this ocean giant’s ecosystem. Undersea Giants is a Living with Animals program ... read more

Apr 29, 2017

Wonder Birds

See the bright colors, delightful chatter, and charming personalities of exotic birds up close! Thanks to our partner, Free Flight, for bringing these highly intelligent birds to the Museum. Wonder Birds is a Living with Animals program and has two, 30-minute ... read more

Apr 30, 2017

Something Wild!

We’re bringing the wilderness to you in this live animal presentation! If you’re lucky you may get to touch some of them. Free for Museum Members or with general admission. About Living with Animals: We encounter animals everywhere in our ... read more