Jul 28, 2017

Birds of Prey

See the power and agility of native predatory birds up close in this live demonstration. Plus you’ll learn about the vital role these birds play in our ecosystem and the importance of their conservation. You won’t think of these birds ... read more

Jul 29, 2017

Wonder Birds

See the bright colors, delightful chatter, and charming personalities of exotic birds up close! Thanks to our partner, Free Flight, for bringing these highly intelligent birds to the Museum. Wonder Birds is a Living with Animals program and has two, 30-minute ... read more

Jul 31, 2017

Race and Membership in American History: An Interdisciplinary Approach Seminar

This seminar, in partnership with the Museum of Man and Museum of Photographic Arts, explores the origins of the concept of “race,” the emergence and legacy of the Eugenics movement, and the role of “race” in public policy that continues ... read more