Cannibals: Myth & Reality

Opens March 5, 2016! In this thoughtful one-of-a-kind exhibit, you’ll discover that cannibals aren’t who you think they are. They’re warriors from many cultures, European kings and queens, American and European sailors, American colonists, accident survivors, the sick, and more.Hear the emotional first-hand account of the Uruguayan rugby players who, trapped… more »

Climb the California Tower

For the first time since 1935, Balboa Park’s California Tower at the San Diego Museum of Man is open for public tours! See amazing views covering hundreds of square miles, including the ocean, the harbor, the mountains, downtown, the zoo, Balboa Park, and more.… more »

Adventure Kids in Egypt

A children’s exhibit for the whole family! In Adventure Kids in Egypt, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a modern archaeologist discovering the remnants of Ancient Egypt, then see our real mummies and authentic Ancient Egyptian artifacts. There’s no extra charge: it’s included with the cost of general admission! To start your adventure,… more »

Race: Are We So Different?

Now Open as a Permanent Exhibit Is race the color of your skin? Is it the texture of your hair? The shape of your eyes? Is it in your genes? Is race even real? Most of what we think about race is based on myth, folklore, or assumptions unsupported by genetics or biology. Race: Are We So Different? explains in clear, helpful language the origins of race and racism, and helps us understand how… more »


See beasts familiar and strange, real and imagined, kind-hearted and troublesome, from across the span of human history and culture! You’ll learn where they come from, what they look like, how they behave, and how to defeat them! We’ve reached into our vast collections to bring out unusual monster artifacts you can see and touch, and we’ve borrowed a few from other… more »

Kumeyaay: Native Californians

This ongoing exhibit is now open to the public and has recently been expanded. The Kumeyaay, or Diegueño (as they were later called by the Spanish), are the Native American people of present-day Southern California (San Diego and western Imperial Counties) and Northern Baja. For many generations before the arrival of the Spanish, they occupied the deserts, mountains, and coasts,… more »

Maya: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth

Exhibit Now Open Daily The ancient Maya left behind evidence of a sophisticated and complex culture. Using cycles of the moon, sun, and planets, they were able to develop accurate calendar systems. More than a thousand years ago, they used unique hieroglyphic writing to carve important dates, names of their rulers, and ceremonial events on stone monuments in southern Mexico, Guatemala,… more »

Ancient Egypt: Real Mummies and Artifacts of the Dead

Now Open – See the Only Real Mummies and Shrunken Heads in San Diego This amazing exhibit is available for no extra charge as part of general admission. The culture of ancient Egypt holds a universal appeal and fascination for adults and children alike. The Museum of Man is fortunate to have one of the most important ancient Egyptian collections in the United States. This is due to the… more »

Footsteps Through Time

Now Open The Museum’s West Wing houses our fabulous anthropology exhibit, Footsteps Through Time: Four Million Years of Human Evolution. The permanent exhibit—covering 7,000 square feet and featuring five galleries and more than a hundred touchable replicas of early humans, primates, and futuristic cyborgs (part human, part machine)—officially opened to the public… more »